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Metro Corner Sofa Range

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The Metro is a firm favourite with our customers, it features sumptuous soft cushions offering the perfect place to relax and watch a movie or read a book. It has a modular arrangement allowing you to tailor it to your own requirements. The combi unit is very popular and as expected can come right hand or left hand facing. The Metro is available with the optional scatter pack which comprises of 2 x large scatter, 2 x medium scatters, 2 x small scatters and a large bolster cushion. The Metro would make the perfect centre piece for any living room or an open plan kitchen. The first images are displayed in Sweet Marl as displayed instore. The large combination shown is a LHF combi + armless unit + RHF Chaise. Prices shown are for an A grade fabric.

Delivery: Specially made in 10 weeks


Combi Unit - Length: 305cm  Height: 89cm  Depth: 197/108cm

1 Arm Sofa - Length: 197cm  Height: 89cm  Depth: 108cm

1 Arm Chaise - Length: 108cm  Height: 89cm  Depth: 164cm

Corner Box - Length: 108cm  Height: 89cm  Depth: 108cm

Armless Unit - Length: 88cm  Height: 89cm  Depth: 108cm

Combi Stool - Length: 92cm  Height: 50cm  Depth: 92cm


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