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Harrison has been making beds since 1889. Mattresses are tailored to you and come in any size, firmness and fabric of your choice. That’s why Harrison are the original Bed Tailors.

There’s no such thing as a standard person, which is why at Harrison, there’s no such thing as a standard bed. Outside and in, it’s designed around you, right down to the last stitch. Using natural materials, it’s tailored to the size and firmness that suits you, and upholstered to your taste. It’s more than just a bed, it’s a completely bespoke night’s sleep.

Here at Tannahill's we have a full range of luxurious Harrison beds on the shop floor and full access to Harrison's range of beds. Unfortunately, because of the plethora of options available they are unavailable for sale through the website. Any enquiries we are more than happy to deal with on the phone or in store where you can get a real feel for the beds.

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