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Duresta has made luxurious upholstery in Nottinghamshire since 1938. They provide handmade furniture created by highly skilled craftspeople, using the best materials and offering the highest levels of customer service. Their designs are constantly evolving and are considered to be the embodiment of classic English style, with a unique and individual touch. They have mastered and refined traditional furniture-making methods to ensure every piece of upholstery they produce is perfect in every detail.

The furniture is created from hardwood frames that are hand-assembled by highly experienced craftspeople and guaranteed for 25 years. The hardwood frames are dowelled, glued and screwed providing a stable and robust foundation upon which the designs are created. Duresta use only top quality fillings and paddings that will provide long-lasting comfort. When it comes to choosing the required level of support, there are a range of options. The wonderful interiors are then covered in the finest fabrics, all of which are beautifully pattern matched and exclusive to Duresta.

Because of the plethora of options available, and complexity in ordering each bespoke piece, Duresta products are only available to purchase in store and over the phone.

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