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Blog » Why A Leather Sofa?

Exactly - Why choose a leather sofa? And if you do decide to go for a beautiful soft leather how do you keep it in tip top condition?

There are lots of tips I can give you about how best to look after your leather sofa. Of course there's always the option of a vintage piece. These sofas mean that any wear only adds the the beauty of these classic suites. I do understand however, that the battered look isn't for everybody! Personally I love it.

Alexander And James Leather Sofas

Looking After Your Leather Sofa

  1. Vacuum any piece os debris before you start
  2. Wipe your leather sofa down with a damp cloth
  3. Regularly apply a leather conditioner
  4. Avoid soaking the leather in water or soap as this may well leave a water mark
  5. Avoid using any cleaning products not specifically designed to be used on leather
These few simple rules will ensure the condition of your leather sofa remains the very best it can be.
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