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Blog » Where Did You Get That Sofa?

Designing your space isn't just about the furniture. You need to take the soft furnishings and all those little extras into consideration when creating a fantastic living space. In this piece we'll be focusing on the living room/sitting room. It's the place we want to feel totally relaxed but also the room we want our guests to feel at home in.

Think of your living room as the focal point. It's the room you retire to after a meal, it's the room you entertain in, it's the room you chill in after a hard days work. It is possible to go ultra modern and still retain that feeling of comfort.

tetrad sofa

This modern yet classic style sofa is great in a medium to large living space. Teamed with some scatter cushions and placed against a hard wood/stone floor or soft neutral carpet it looks elegant and stylish but also good enough to curl up on and go to sleep if the mood takes you. Sunday afternoon maybe?

You don't have to stick with the cushion arrangement you see here. Mix it up and add some cream or gold into the mix.

A neutral color scheme can become a little boring, but by throwing in a few black and white geometric prints the room can take on a more edgy look.

Go bold or play it safe. It has to be a room that you are happy to live in day to day. Don't go for what is in fashion or what you like about someone else's design because more often than not this leads to dissatisfaction further down the line. Designing a room is much like designing an outfit although it's much more difficult to change! Bear this in mind and take time to really think your ideas through. Don't get too many opinions because when it comes down to it it's only yours that truly counts.

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