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Blog » Large Sofas And Living Room Plans

Sometimes it's difficult to see how a particular sofa arrangement will work in your own living space.

Bear in mind that the showroom everything looks smaller. With this in mind it's a good idea to measure your living space and the area you are thinking of situating your new sofa.

You might also want to measure doorways, this is often overlooked and you don't really need the hassle of having to have your windows taken out to accommodate your new furniture.

Take into account whether or not your new sofa comes apart, the depth of the seating, the size of the arms. I once ordered a sofa and didn't take the depth of the arms into account and this proved to be a huge issue. The very helpful and it has to be said, patient delivery guys took two hours to get the sofa into our living room, there was a power cut and we were plunged into complete darkness for 20 minutes too because it was the middle of Winter! We were also unable to take the sofa with us when we moved house. I will not be making this mistake again.

If you have the space then a large corner sofa arrangement can look amazing.

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