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A large solid wooden dining table is perfect for entertaining. That's not it's only use though. If you have a family then you'll probably find your dining table is used for all kinds of things other than dining!

It's a homework station, a coffee spot, an area for chatting with the girls (or boys of course!)....not that you can't do any of these things with a smaller dining table of course but a large imposing table means it's the first place you turn when it comes to socialising.

Massive dining table

Massive Dining Tables

This super imposing solid wooden table is the perfect addition to a large dining room. Teamed with a matching sideboard and some modern chairs to mix it up a bit it looks amazing.

Massive is a solid oak contemporary range without veneer. The key feature of the range that adds to its exceptional beauty is the amount of knots and splits in the timber that bring us closer to nature. Character knots, splits and chasms are a natural characteristic of this range and enhance the style. The most popular finish that emphasises the grain of timber is natural oil. Alternative finishes are available in store.

If you want to make it a real show stopper then stage a scene as in our image. Okay so this is rather a large space and probably not indicative of most dining areas. Just because you don't have all of this space it doesn't mean you can't create the perfect dining space.

Even if your dining room is a fairly small space it might still benefit from a larger table. If you don't have much excess space anyway then a smaller table is not going to make much difference.

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