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Blog » Why Planning Is Important - Interior Design Tips

Is it important to plan? Well yes, unless you're one of those very creative types that can throw anything together and make it look fabulous.

For most of us a little bit of design and planning goes a long way.

For a start; How do you imagine your room will look when it's finished? Get a clear picture in your mind and then work around that. If you don't have a good idea about the finished look then you'll end up throwing things together in a hap hazard manner and it may well end up something of nothing in the end.

It's not necessary to be a graphic designer to come up with something on paper. You'll find that once you start to get things down, you'll chop and change things around quite a bit before you get the the finished article and even then you'll probably tweak things when you start the practical elements of the project.

Room Size - If I only have a small space do I really need to bother with a plan?

Even more so! If you are working with limited space then you'll want to make the most or it and planning is all important. You may have this grand idea in your head but practically it may be all wrong.

Think sofa size.....sometimes when you're looking online for beautiful sofas and chairs you can get all caught up in the look of a particular item and totally overlook the fact that it's five inches too big to fit into your living space. Will it go through the door even?

Measuring spaces is another important consideration. Particularly when you are investing in a new suite. It's very disappointing to wait in for your delivery only to find your new sofa won't get through the front door. You don't really want the issue of having to take out a window if you can avoid it.

Caesar Sofa Collection - Traditional Camel

Leather sofas Tannahills

Who wouldn't want this gorgeous vintage look leather sofa in their living space? Gone are the days when all leather suites were black and shiny! There are so many choices when it comes to leather. Even if you have dismissed such items in the past. Take a look at what we have in store or online. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the vast choice.


Think about the colour scheme before you think about anything else. A nice neutral colour will allow for anything but sometime going bold is what a room needs. It takes a brave idea but it often pays off if the planning has been put into place beforehand.

So go on, change it up for the Summer!

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