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Blog » How To Plan And Design A New Living Space

Contemporary living is all in the planning.

It's not just about the initial thought but sitting down and designing your new living space from scratch.

Say you have been living in a traditional space for some time, it's jumbled with all kinds of styles because you've never really thought long and hard about what you actually want and what might look great in your living space.

Start with a blank piece of paper and draw the way you want your living room to look. Even if you can barely hold a pencil let alone design! Seriously, it really doesn't matter how it looks to anyone else. It's just a way of you understanding your own space and how you want it to look.

Staring at a blank sheet of paper scary? It's like trying to start that book you've always wanted to write isn't it? You have the idea but actually putting it down on paper makes it real and you're not wholly sure you can deal with the reality!

Don't think of it as a challenge, more of a fun task. It's not like you have to do it or anything. Sometimes when we start over-thinking the simple things they become huge challenges and we decide it's all too much like hard work.

Make sure you measure the room first and decide how large you want your furniture items to be and how much free space you want to be left with when the design is finished.

Don't over clutter the space. Good contemporary room designs don't need too much stuff in them! Keep it simple. Accessories can be purchased from all kinds of places and still match your furniture choices perfectly.

Contemporary does not have to mean ultra-modern. Indeed it is possible to create a great contemporary space utilising vintage design.

leather sofa

Worth Furnishing

Worth design and manufacture fine quality upholstery and dining chairs. The product is available in a fine selection of fabric and leather with the option to mix leather and fabric on any product - side panels, front facing arms, buttons, piping and seat cushions can all be customised to meet your every requirement.

Domus Mulholland Duresta Chair

The Mulholland chair is a stunning modern occasional chair from the Domus collection. The chair features a beautiful button back and the frame can be supplied in an oak or walnut finish.

You see how contemporary design can suit most tastes. Even if you think you super traditional and have never thought about contemporary as a design idea.

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