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Blog » How To Make Your Home Office Look Great

So if you have to work from home or you choose to do it then you'll most probably have overlooked this very important little room - The Home Office.

Granted, some of you will be working at the dining room table and that's a whole other design discussion.

If like a lot of people in today's remote working society, you are realising the awesomeness of working from home (I wish) or you are struggling to get to grips with this new way of life then check out these handy tips for making your home office a place you actually want to work in.

The Power Of Pinterest

Never heard of this amazing website? Where have you been? Browse for inspiration, but remember that space is everything. It's great to pick up some handy little hints and tips or see some beautiful furniture and think, yep, that's me done. But will all of this gorgeousness look in your little space? Remember upholstered dining room chairs look amazing, but they won’t support your back. Vintage desks will look beautiful but they are generally pretty tiny and probably won't be a practical addition. Still they do look amazing!


We'd suggest steering clear of really bright colours Whilst they may look incredible at first, they may just end up being a distraction. Neutrals are always best in an office environment.


Be creative here. Tuck things under things! Clutter does not make for a productive working environment. If you are naturally disorganised and cluttery in general everyday life, then use this as an opportunity to change that up! It's amazing what a bit of feng shui will do for your soul.

How about this gorgeous piece in the quest for storage and working space?

office furniture for storage

The pull out desk is the perfect solution. Look at all the filing space you've got with those handy little drawers too!

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