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How To Style A Small Bedroom | Make The Most Of A Small Space

No matter what size your bedroom is there will always be a way to create your own modern, stylish and relaxing place to rest. Small bedrooms might seem too difficult if you are trying to fit everything in, whether that's a new wardrobe, tv, desk etc. However with a few tips this could possibly transform your room into something that will benefit you everyday making it look clutter free, state-of-the-art and personal to you.

Interior Design

When it comes to styling your bedrooms, if you are trying to give the illusion of having a large space, its recommended to try and stick to lighter colours such as plain white. Potentially if you are looking for something that will add some warmth to your room you might want to include accent.


Another suggestion would be to use the back wall as feature wall or a patterned wall, this is so that your eye is drawn to the centre of the bedroom and everything else around you seems more spacious. It is also a good way of complementing other accessories in your room such as curtains, cushions, lamp shades etc. Other options could be hanging paintings or picture frames which will add a bit of colour and personality to the room.

Organisation is vital!

Storage can be seen as a concern in small bedrooms and can sometimes be hard to deal with. However it can easily be solved if you know the right places to put things .In your bedroom its important to look at what works and what doesn’t, its not necessary to have shelving units or drawers that take up to much room and don't actually give you any storage. If you utilise floating shelves above radiators and furniture and replace drawers with book shelves, it allows more room for gadgets/accessories, leaving space around your bed.

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