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Blog » Restyling A Living Room - Change Is Good

When you look at your living space and just think 'I'm sick of this' but you have no idea how to go about changing your current decor or furniture arrangement....

How To Find Some Inspiration

A good place to start is Pinterest, yes honestly! You'll find some great design ideas and just tons of interior design inspiration.

We have our own Furniture boards if you fancy a look.

No doubt you've see so many lovely designy things you like in magazines and online or in other people's pads but you just stand there staring at your place like it's all just too much effort. A good starting point is paint - Just re-paint it!

If you're looking for some great designer paints then look no further than - All of the heritage colours are there as well as some vibrant in your face colours.

Put all of your accessories (new ones) together in a space (your kitchen work surface is a good spot). Now take a good look at everything and try to imagine a blank canvas. Where would they go?

Strip your living room of all it's clutter - So ornaments, pictures, photographs, rugs, lamps etc...they all go. Okay, so it's not so easy to pull out a large sofa or chairs but you might want to cover them in white sheets as you try to picture a new arrangement.

Bring your inspiration into the room, so any magazine articles or pictures you've printed from the internet. Hold them up to the light and take a good look around your living space.

Think bold - A large coffee table in the centre of the room with some floating pictures on neutral walls make a statement. Cream sofas can be brightened up with scatter cushions, large sofas can take a few.

coffee tables

Ceiling fans are a great way of adding some drama to the room too.

Finishing Touches

Rugs, throws and cushions. Any or all of these soft furnishings are great for adding that little extra touch.

Now relax, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and chill. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

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