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Caring for Furniture Effectively

For most people, furniture management is all about making sure nothing is spilled, scratched or scarred. However, caring for furniture properly usually means that you need to do a whole lot more than just prevent things going wrong; you need to know how to care for the furniture to preserve its look, value and class.

To do this, you need to know what makes sense in terms of keeping furniture in top condition. Whilst the materials and style of the actual piece of furnishing will determine how well it holds up, we recommend that you try and do all of the following for everything that you can:

Avoid Sunlight

Sunlight will eventually start to warp and damage pieces of furniture if they are exposed to the heat and the sun for prolonged periods. Whilst this will take some time to occur, you will quite quickly notice the colour and shape of a piece of furniture being moulded and changed.

It can start to fade and look less impressive than it did previously, so trying to avoid constant and direct interaction with sunlight should be a big priority for caring for furniture in the right manner.

Correct Products

Whether it’s spilled soda, cigarette smoke, BBQ sauce, oil or anything else that you can think of you need to know how to clean up messes on furnishings properly. Everything that touches your furniture could need a different solution, so make sure you never just dive in with the water to try and clean it.

how to remove stains from sofas

Get online and look up the cleaning solution for dealing with X when it’s on your furniture. Keep in mind that the material of the furniture will determine how effective and/or safe the cleaning process will be, so keep this in mind as you move forward.

Always Dust

Keeping furniture in good condition is all about learning when to dust and keep things cleared up and safe. A regular dusting will ensure that build-up is removed and this means that the chances of a horrible, oily build-up on wooden furniture in particular can be avoided.

Always go to a professional if you are dealing with antiques, though, as they’ll make sure you get rid of the dust without hampering the product at all.

Waxing or Polishing

Some furniture looks great when waxed and polished up but you need to know what one to go with that looks the best. Again, go to a professional if you are unsure as it can be quite damaging to the product if you use the wrong type of solution to clean it with.

Dusting Dry

This is a common misconception, and something that you should avoid like the plague. Never dust down products like wood dry as it can scratch. Whilst you won’t be dusting down the TV with a damp cloth, it can make a big difference if you use it on wood furniture and the like.

As you can see, managing furniture is a bit of a pain but if you use these simple care tips you should have no problem keeping it all in tip-top shape.

Keep Your Furniture For Years

If you look after it then it'll be with you for many a year. A great piece of furniture is worth the effort.

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